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STROYPROJECT LTD is a Bulgarian company and a manufacturer of “LOZA” ROCKETS. 


The rocket hail protection system "LOZA" is intended for active impact on the hail-bearing clouds by spraying a chemical reagent therein and comprises:

  • Launching unit;
  • Anti-hail rocket in a container;
  • Control panel.

The radar centre for target pointing and the communication means between the centre and the rocket sites can be conventionally ranked among the system composition.

Up to 6 pcs of rockets can be loaded into the launching unit. The anti-hail rocket and the launching container are not considered. The container serves for protecting the rocket during transportation, for directing the rocket during its launch and also as a booster engine.


The company produces the following means for carrying-out hail-fighting from an airplane board:

  • Ejectable flares;
  • Burn in place flares

Ejectable flares are launched from a cassette located below the airplane plates, and the burn in place flares are accommodated on the airplane plates and are started-up when the airplane passes below (next to) the hail-bearing cloud. All airplane means for impact can be used also in programs for increasing the amount of precipitations using the so called hygroscopic flares when the cloud comprises areas with sufficiently low temperatures.


The continuous-duty terrestrial generators are an alternative to the rocket and airplane impact technologies and are used in applications where the use of rockets or airplanes is difficult due to some reason. The principle of operation of the terrestrial generator consists in creation of a significant area of seeding into the ground layer which is delivered to the cloud later by the ascending streams. However, this leads to some limitations in the application of terrestrial generators related to the need of knowing the air stream specifics in a particular area and having a model for distribution of the aerosol introduced by the generators. In case of mountain massifs and the presence of the necessary air streams, the effect of terrestrial generators can be more beneficial from an economic viewpoint than this of the rocket and airplane methods since seeding of a significant area is provided. The terrestrial generators can be used for protection against hails, mists and frosts, as well as for increasing the amount of precipitations.


We started to work on the production of a terrestrial generator for ice-forming cores on the basis of copper acetylacetonate or fluoroglucine (which do not contain silver compounds). Mass production of these chemical substances is cheap, environmentally-friendly, harmless and makes the generator perspective enough.


The reagent composition is based on argentine iodide and the reagent is made and tested by means of our production equipment. The reagent trials are conducted annually in the National Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Plovdiv Department, as well as in an autonomous international laboratory. 


We have established long-term relations with customers from some of the European, South-American and Asian countries which we supply with rockets, parts, reagent, seeding agents, starting-fire devices accompanied by the necessary technical information.


STROYPROJECT LTD is an innovative, market-targeted company, ready to establish business relations in the above-mentioned field. For that reason we take a very serious and responsible view of our participation in future collaborations and partnerships.

In the event of an interest taken, we are prepared, within three months, to organize the creation of a program for the weather modification, to make ready the necessary equipment and to provide highly-qualified experts for the design and setting the program into operation.


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