Burn in place hygroscopic flares


Technical characteristicsHygroscopic flares
Length, mm 308
Weight1260 gr
Burning time, sec180

For influence on warm clouds it’s necessary to use hygroscopic reagents. In this case the process of influence is significantly less examined, and basically can be formulated so: for successful realization of influence it is necessary to input artificial nucleuses of condensation inside the “feeding” area of the cloud. Quantity of these nucleuses should be sufficient for suppression of activity of natural nucleuses. Size of nucleuses should be matched with vertical height of a cloud. In an ideal case the nucleus of condensation during its increasing should rise up to the top boundary of a cloud and then fall down, capturing lighter water drops, which are lifted by ascending flow. Thus, the quantity of hygroscopic reagent should be essentially larger than quantity of crystallization reagent; place of its inputing and size of particles should be matched with parameters of a cloud, on which the influence is performing.

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