Ground generators


Ground generators


The ground generators with continued operation shall be an alternative to the rocket and airplane impact technology and shall be applied at locations where using a rocket or airplane is difficult for some reason. The principle of operation of the ground generator shall be concluded in establishing a significant seeding area in the ground layer, which is later delivered to the cloud of the ascending flows. The following limitations regarding the application of ground generators shall result from this.


- prior to the aerosol reaching the cloud, sufficient amount of time passes, therefore the generator shall be started in advance, usually 2 - 4 hours prior to the start of the process of (hail formation).  Because precise prediction of the process development (hail formation) for such time is unrealistic, the generators have to be started in vain and respectively to expend high quantities of reagent.


- for the successful application of ground generators, it shall be necessary to know the specifics of the air flows at a given area, and there shall be a model of distribution of the aerosol imported from the generators.


At the same time, the application of ground generators shall have positive aspects, which in case of detailed development can prevail over the negative ones:


- in case of appropriate orography of the area (for example in case of availability of mountain massifs and the required air flows), the interaction with ground generators can be economically more beneficial by the rocket and airplane impact methods. For example, Chinese experiments with generators with liquids are known (province  Taian, the mountain Taishan, 1 500 m above sea level). The operation of the generator shall provide seeding over a significant territory of the plane and can be used both for anti-hail purposes, and for increasing precipitation.


- when using terrestrial generators, the necessity of the compact scheme of the generator is eliminate, it shall become possible to organize more complex processes of sublimation, which minimize the expenditure of silver compound or at all reaching a rejection of using silver compounds (generators of aerosols of copper acetylacetonate, fluoroglucine, etc.) © 2013 Website development
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