Anti-frost flares


For enlargement of the product range of the company, in its innovations plan development and implementation in production of products for combating frosts is stipulated. This is set out by the fact that very often the damages, inflicted by hails on agricultural crops are commeasurable with those of the hails.

Frost is called any air temperature decrease or of the active surface (soil surface) by 0оС and more at the general background of positive mean day and night temperatures. It is a risky agro-meteorological phenomenon, causing significant losses of agricultural crops. Frosts, depending on the process of formation and atmospheric conditions classify into three types: 


- advective – formation as a result of motion of masses of cold air from other regions;                                                                                                                         

- radiational frosts – originating due to intensive night radiation of the main surface;                                                                                                                            

- advective - radiational (mixed ones) – formed as a result of both factors;                                                                                                                          

According to their intensity, frosts classify into two types:                                                                    

 - weak (from 0 оС to minus 2 оС);

 - mean (from minus 3 оС to minus 5 оС );

- strong (from minus 5 оС and lower temperatures);


Intensity of frosts depends on relief, the local conditions of the farm, the distance to large water basins and forests.

This information is particularly necessary in choosing the method for combating frosts.

Also, a methodology is necessary for implementation of the combat against frosts.

For the development of this methodology, company Stroyproekt ЕООD sets up a multi-functional system for measurement of the meteorological conditions on the ground surface and also at height for an area of 5 decars and the trial of this methodology in protection of young orchard trees at an area of 10 decars. © 2013 Website development
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